Nikolai Mikhailovich Boudarine
Naissance : 29 avril 1953, à Kirya, région de Chouvashia, Union soviétique.
Antécédent : Ingénieur.
Sélection : 25 janvier 1989: sélection conjointe de cosmonautes soviétiques.
1er vol : Mir EO-19 75 j. 11 h. 20 min. Ingénieur de vol
2ème vol : Soyouz TM-32 207 j. 12 h. 49 min. Ingénieur de vol
3ème vol : ISS Expédition 6 161 j. 01 h. 15 min. Ingénieur de vol
Total : 444 j. 01 h. 24 min. Ingénieur de vol
Temps à bord d'ISS ISS Expédition 6 158 j. 22 h. 07 min.
Sortie spatiale :
1) Mir EO-19  14 jul 95 5 h. 34 min. 46ème sortie du programme Mir
2) Mir EO-19  19 jul 95 3 h. 08 min. 47ème sortie du programme Mir 
3) Mir EO-19  21 jul 95 5 h. 35 min. 48ème sortie du programme Mir 
4) Mir EO-25  3 mar 98 1 h. 15 min. 68ème sortie du programme Mir 
5) Mir EO-25  1 avr 98 6 h. 40 min. 69ème sortie du programme Mir 
6) Mir EO-25  6 avr 98 4 h. 15 min. 70ème sortie du programme Mir 
7) Mir EO-25  11 avr 98 6 h. 25 min. 71ème sortie du programme Mir 
8) Mir EO-25  17 avr 98 6 h. 33 min. 72ème sortie du programme Mir 
9) Mir EO-25  22 avr 98 6 h. 21 min. 73ème sortie du programme Mir 
Total 45 h 46 min.
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RSC Energia bio
(Oct 02)
Nikolai Mikhailovich BUDARIN

ISS Flight Engineer,
Soyuz TMA Commander
Test cosmonaut of S.P.Korolev Rocket and Space Corporation Energia, Russia

DATA AND PLACE OF BIRTH: April 29, 1953, Kirya village, Alatyr district, Chuvash ASSR, RSFSR (Russia).
Father: Budarin Mikhail Romanovich (1920-1984).
Mother: Budarina Alexandra Mikhailovna (1921-1986).

EDUCATION: In 1979, he graduated from the night-time education department of S.Ordzhonikidze Moscow Aviation Institute as a mechanical engineer specializing in aircraft manufacturing.


Wife: Budarina (Sidorenko), Marina Lvovna, born in 1956, lead engineer at RSC Energia.
Sons: Dmitry, born in 1997, and Vladislav, born in 1983.

Hero of the Russian Federation (1995), Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Russian Federation (1995). Decorated with the Gold Star medal of the Hero of the Russian Federation (1995), order For Distinguished Service to the Fatherland of the 3rd degree (1999), two NASA medals for Space Flight (1995, 1998) and order Otan (Kazakhstan, 1998).

HOBBIES: tourism, cycling.

WORK EXPERIENCE: 1970 - 1971: a student of night-time education department of the Moscow Aviation Institute.
1971 - 1973: military service in the Soviet Army in Czechoslovakia.
1973 - 1979: a student of night-time education department of the Moscow Aviation Institute.
1974 - 1976: - maintenance man at plant named after the 50th Anniversary of the Great October in Fryazino.
From 1976: electrician, from 1978: electrical foreman, from 1982: test engineer, from 1986: head of a group, from 1988 until joining the cosmonauts corps: lead specialist, head of a group at the NPO Energia check-out and testing facility.
February 27, 1989: selected as a candidate for test-cosmonaut of the NPO Energia cosmonaut corps.
September 1989 through January 1991: completed a course of basic space training at Gagarin Cosmonaut Training Center.
From February 1991: test cosmonaut.
April 1991 till March 1994: completed training as a member of a group of cosmonauts under Mir space station program.
May 1994 till February 1995: completed training as the flight engineer of the backup crew of Soyuz TM-21 under Expedition-18/NASA-1 program, and, simultaneously, as the flight engineer of the main crew of Mir under Expedition-19 program.
March 27 till May 1995: was trained for a mission under Expedition-19 program as the flight engineer of the first crew, and from May 15 to June 26 he trained in USA under the program of mission STS-71 of Space Shuttle Atlantis.
He flew his first space mission from June 27 to September 11, 1995, as the flight engineer of space station Mir under the program of Expedition-19 together with A.Soloviev. For the first time the Russian crew was delivered to the space station on a Space Shuttle Orbiter (Atlantis, STS-71). During the mission he performed three EVAs totaling 4 hours 32 minutes. He returned to Earth in Soyuz TM-21 together with A.Soloviev. The mission duration was 75 days 11 hours 20 minutes 21 second.
From March 25, 1996 to January 1997 he took training for a mission under the program of Expedition-23 as the flight engineer of the second crew.
From March 1997 to January 1998 he trained as the flight engineer of the primary crew of Mir under the program of Expedition-25.
He made his second space flight from January 29 to August 25, 1998 as a flight engineer of Soyuz TM-27 and Mir under the program of Expedition 25 together with T.Musabaev and L.Eyharts (France, till February 19, 1998), as well as A.Thomas (USA, till June 8, 1998). He worked with the Expedition 24 crew, A.Soloviev and P.Vinogradov (till February 19, 1998), as well as with the STS-91 crew of Space Shuttle Discovery. During the mission he performed five EVAs totalling 30 hours 08 minutes. The duration of the mission was 207 days 12 hours 51 minutes 02 seconds.
From June 15, 1999 to July 6, 2000 he trained for a space mission as a flight engineer of the first crew under ISS-1R program together with G.Padalka.
At present he is training for a space mission as the flight engineer of the primary crew of ISS-6.

October 2002
Based on the materials from the reference book "Soviet and Russian Cosmonauts. 1960-2000" under the general editorship of Doctor of Law, Pilot Cosmonaut of Russia Yu.M.Baturin.

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