Talgat Amangeldyevich Mousabayev
Naissance : 7 janvier 1951, à Karaganda, Kazakhstan, Union soviétique.. 
Antécédent : Pilote de ligne.
Sélection : 6 mars 1991: sélection spéciale d'un cosmonaute kazakhe
1er vol : Soyouz TM-19 125 j. 22 h. 54 min. Commandant
2ème vol : Soyouz TM-27 207 j. 12 h. 49 min. Commandant
3ème vol : Soyouz TM-32 7 j. 22 h. 04 min. Commandant
Total : 341 j. 09 h. 47 min.
Temps à bord d'ISS Soyouz TM-32 5 j. 13 h. 48 min.
Sortie spatiale :
1) Mir EO-16  9 sep 94 5 h. 06 min. 39ème sortie du programme Mir 
2) Mir EO-16  13 sep 94 6 h. 01 min. 40ème sortie du programme Mir 
3) Mir EO-25  3 mar 98 1 h. 15 min. 68ème sortie du programme Mir 
4) Mir EO-25  1 avr 98 6 h. 40 min. 69ème sortie du programme Mir 
5) Mir EO-25  6 avr 98 4 h. 15 min. 70ème sortie du programme Mir 
6) Mir EO-25  11 avr 98 6 h. 25 min. 71ème sortie du programme Mir 
7) Mir EO-25  17 avr 98 6 h. 33 min. 72ème sortie du programme Mir 
8) Mir EO-25  22 avr 98 6 h. 21 min. 73ème sortie du programme Mir 
Total 42 h 36 min.
Retraite : Actif.
Décès :
Remarques :
RSC Energia bio Talgat Amangeldievich MUSABAEV

Soyuz TM TV Commander
AF Colonel, 
RF, Instructor/1st class Testing Cosmonaut
Yu.A. Gagarin CTC RSRI, Russia

January 7, 1951, Kargaly, Dzhambul District, Alma-Ata Area, Kazakh SSR (Kazakhstan). 

On February 28, 1974 he graduated from Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute after the Leninist Komsomol in speciality of Technical Operation of Aviation Radio Equipment, in 1984 he finished training in Alma-Ata aeroclub, USSR Voluntary Society for Co-operation with the Army, Air Force and Navy and in 1986 he finished training in the 30-th training detachment of civil aviation (CA), whereupon he got CA pilot certificate. In 1989 he finished studies at Ulyanovsk Flight, Dispatcher and Engineering Personnel Training Center of Civial Aviation of SMEA countries; in February 1993 he graduated from Aktubinsk CA High Flying School where he got a diploma of pilot-engineer. 

Married, has a son and a daughter.
Wife: Viktoria Voldemarovna Musabaeva (Latsis), born in 1952, stomatologist, works at the Star City hospital.
Son: Daniar Talgatovich Musabaev, born in 1975, military man of MIA, Kazakhstan Republic.
Daughter: Kamilya Talgatovna Musabaeva, student of the Russian State Humanitarian University.

Hero of the Russian Federation (1994), 
Pilot-Cosmonaut of the Russia Federation (1994), 
National Hero of Kazakhstan (1995), 
Pilot-Cosmonaut ¹ 2 of Kazakhstan, 
decorated with the Order of Friendship of the Peoples (1991), 
Order for Services to the Fatherland Third Class (1998), 
Otan Order (Kazakhstan, 1998), 
Order of the Austrian Republic, 
Astana Medal (Kazakhstan, 1999), 
NASA Medal for Space Flight (1998).

Candidate of Technical Sciences (2000). Subject of Thesis: Reliability and Efficiency Assessment of the Crew-MSC-MCC System.

Master of Sport of the USSR in aerobatics and competitive gymnastics, 
USSR Champion in aerosports in the team test (1983 and 1984).

Music (piano, guitar, played and sang in a vocal-instrumental ensemble). 

Since April 1, 1974 he worked as a shift engineer of aviation and electronic equipment of Burundaisk Combined Aviation Detachment (CAD) of Air Service of Civil Aviation.
Since January 7, 1975 he was the relieved Secretary of the Committee of the Komsomol of Burundaisk CAD in Alma-Ata.
Since January 19, 1976 he was an instructor and since April 3, 1978 he was a senior instructor of the political-education department of Kazakh Administration of Civial Aviation.
Since May 26, 1979 he was the deputy commander of the 240-th flying detachment on political-education work of Alma-Ata combined aviation detachment.
After finishing training in the 30-th training detachment of civil aviation since January 7, 1987 he worked as the second pilot; since July 6, 1989 he was the commander of plane An-2 in Burundaisk combined aviation detachment. During one of flights he performed emergency landing to the field because of the engine failure (thanked for displayed courage and high professional skill).
After training at Ulyanovsk Flight, Dispatcher and Engineering Personnel Training Center of Civil Aviation of SMEA countries since June 6, 1990 he worked as the second pilot-trainee of plane Tu-134 and since August 25, 1990 he worked as the second pilot of Tu-134 of the 1-st flying detachment of Alma-Ata combined aviation detachment.
On May 11, 1990 by decision of the State Interdepartmental Committee he was recommended to study at CTC to take a course of general space training provided by Ministry of Civil Aviation.
On March 6, 1991 by order of the Minister of Defence of the USSR he was called up for military service and taken on as a candidate for cosmonaut researcher of the 4-th group of the cosmonaut team of CTC where upon finishing the course of general space training he got the following qualification: cosmonaut researcher.
Since April 29, 1995 he was an instructor/testing cosmonaut.
At a period of May 20 - July 10, 1991 he passed training for flying to the Mir Orbital Complex as a cosmonaut researcher of the back-up crew under the Kazakh program of the visiting crew.
On July 17 - September 13, 1991 he passed training for flying as the first cosmonaut researcher within the second crew under PC-10/ASTROMIR-91 program.
In 1991-1993 he passed training as a member of the cosmonaut team under the Mir OC program.
On June 1 - December 17, 1993 he passed training for flying to the Mir OC as a flight engineer of the second crew under PC-15 program.
On January 8, 1994 he was a backup of Yu. Usachev, flight engineer of the Soyuz TM-18 SC.
On July 1 - November 4, 1994 he performed the first space flight aboard the Soyuz TM-19 SC and Mir OC as a flight engineer of PC-16 crew together with Yu. Malenchenko and V. Polyakov.
He made two egresses into open space of the total duration of 11 hr.07 min. The flight duration was 126 days.
At a period of March 25, 1996 - January 1997 he passed training for flying as the second crew commander under PC-23 program.
On January 29 - August 25, 1998 he performed the second space flight as the Soyuz TM-27 SC and Mir OC commander under PC-25 program (NASA-7/PEGAS) together with N. Budarin and L. Eyharts (France, to February 19, 1998) and also with E. Thomas (USA, to June 8, 1998). During the flight he made 5 egresses into open space of the total duration of 30 hr.08 min. The flight duration was 207.5 days.
At a period of April 15, 1999 - May 2000 he passed direct training as the prime crew commander of the first Russian visiting crew of the ISS (in order to test the Soyuz TMA spacecraft and replace TV) under the ISS-T (taxi) program.
Since June 12, 2000 he passed training for flying to the Mir OC as the second crew commander together with Yu. Baturin under PC-29 program.

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