Gregory Hammond Olsen
Naissance : 20 avril 1945, à  Brooklyn, New York, États-Unisa
Antécédent : Ingénieur, scientfique et homme d'affaires
Sélection : Mai 2006
1er vol : Soyouz TMA-7 9 j. 21 h. 15 min. Participant à un vol spatial
Total : 9 j. 21 h. 15 min.
Temps à bord d'ISS Soyouz TMA-7 7 j. 10 h. 32 min.
Sortie spatiale : Aucune
Retraite : Inactif
Décès :
Remarques :
RSC Energia bio
Gregory Hammond OLSEN 
Space Flight Participant, USA 

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: April 20, 1945, in Brooklyn, New York suburb, USA.

In 1962 he graduated from High School in Ridgefield Park, New Jersey. 
In 1966 be received a bachelor of science degree in physics at the Fairleigh Dickinson University, New Jersey.
In 1968 be received a bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering and eelctronics and a master of science degree in physics at the same University.
In 1971 he received a Doctor of science degree in materials science at the University of Virginia.

FAMILY STATUS: Divorced. Has two daughters:
Olsen Kimberly Ann, born in 1970 and
Olsen Christa Jane, born in 1974.

RANKS AND AWARDS: US Administration Award, Aaron Crescel of the Laser and Electrooptics Society of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, Man of the Year of New Jersey small business; prize of the New Jersey Institute of Technologies Inventor of the Year; Bisinessman of the Year of the Arthur Young’s journal.
He has 12 U.S. patents.

HOBBY: Country music, playing golf.

From 1971 to 1972 he worked at the South Africa Port Elizabeth University as  the invited scientist.
From 1972 to 1983 he worked at the RCA company laboratory (Sarnoff Research Center) which was engaged in InGaAs crystal growing.
In 1984 he founded EPITAXX Inc. which produced fiber-optic sensors and radiators. In 1990 he sold this company for 12M dollars.
In 1991 he was one of the founders of Sensors Unlimited Inc. in Princeton, which is engaged in the development and production of high-precision equipment (infra-red chambers, various sensors, artificial crystals). Presently he is the President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of this company.
On April 5, 2004 he began to pass a medical examination at IBMP and got a permit to special training.
On May 16, 2005 he began to train at the Cosmonaut Training Center.
The training program includes learning Russian, a course of theoretical training on the Soyuz spacecraft and ISS systems, training on simulators, biomedical training, ONS recovery training, etc.
At the meeting of the International Commission for the ISS crew formation, held on June 20-22 in Canada, Olsen was approved as the space flight participant and recommended for appointment to the Soyuz TMA-7 spacecraft prime crew.

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