Tracy Ellen Caldwell Dyson
Naissance : 14 août 1969, à Arcadia, Californie, États-Unis.
Antécédent : Chimiste
Sélection : 4 juin 1998: dix-septième détachement d'astronautes de la NASA.
1er vol: STS 118 12 j. 17 h. 56 min. Spécialiste de mission 1 (MS1)
2ème vol: ISS Expédition 23
ISS Expédition 24
176 j. 01 h. 19 min. Ingénieur de vol 2 (FE-2)
Ingénieur de vol 2 (FE-2)
Total : 188 j. 19 h. 15 min.
Temps à bord d'ISS STS 118 8 j. 01 h. 06 min.
ISS Expédition 23/24 173 j. 15 h. 16 min.
Total: 181 j. 16 h. 22 min.
Sortie spatiale :
1) ISS Expedition 24 7 aoû 10 8 h. 03 min. 148ème sortie du programme ISS
2) ISS Expedition 24 11 aoû 10 7 h. 26 min, 149ème sortie du programme ISS
3) ISS Expedition 24 16 aoû 10 7 h. 20 min. 150ème sortie du programme ISS
Total 22 h. 49 min.


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RSC Energia bio
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NASA Astronaut, 
Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, USA

August 14, 1969 in Arcadia, California, USA.

In 1993 she graduated from the California State University at Fullerton and received B.S. in Chemistry. In 1997 received Ph.D. in Chemistry from the University of California at Davis.

Husband: George Dyson.

HOBBY: Sprint, weight-lifting, tourism, softball, basketball, auto repair/maintenance. Has a licence of a private pilot.

PUBLICATIONS: Author of numerous papers and presentations at technical conferences and in scientific journals.

When she studied at the University of California she was engaged in the development and design of electronics and hardware associated with a laser-ionization, mass spectrometers to study the atmospheric chemistry. 
At the same University she worked at the Environmental Monitoring Laboratory and was engaged in safety assurance when using harmful and radioactive materials.
For many years she worked as an electrician/inside wireman for her father's electrical contracting company doing commercial and light industrial type construction.
When she busied herself with writing her dissertation work she taught general chemistry laboratory at the University of California. Her dissertation work focused on investigating molecular-level surface reactivity and kinetics of metal surfaces using electron spectroscopy, laser desorption, and Fourier transform mass spectrometry techniques.
In June 1998 she was selected by NASA and enlisted in the Astronaut Corps. From August 1998 to August 1999 she passed a course of general space training, was qualified as a mission specialist and assigned to the Astronaut Office, NASA.
In 1999 she was assigned to the ISS Operations Braunch, participating in the testing and integration of the Russian hardware and software products developed for ISS.
In 2000, she was assigned prime Crew Support Astronaut for the 5th ISS Expedition Crew Caldwell worked at the Mission Control Center as spacecraft communicator (CAPCOM).
She performed her first space flight on August 8-21, 2007 as the mission specialist of the Endeavour Shuttle under STS-118 program. The main flight task was to deliver and install S5 truss segment to the International Space Station. The mission duration was 12 days, 17 hours, 55 minutes and 40 seconds.
In July 2008 it was reported that she was assigned to the prime crew for Expedition 23 to the ISS (ISS -23). On September 21, 2008 her assignment was confirmed in the ISS flight plan published by Roscosmos press-service. On November 21, 2008 her assignment was officially confirmed by NASA (press-release ¹ 08-306) when the ISS-20 - ISS-26 crew members were declared.

March 2010
Based on data of Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center, NASA, USA
and site www.astronaut.ru

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