Edward Tsang Lu
Naissance : 1 juillet 1963, à Springfield, Massachusetts, États-Unis.
Antécédent : Ingénieur et physicien.
Sélection : 9 décembre 1994: quinzième détachement d'astronautes de la NASA.
1er vol : STS 84 9 j. 05 h. 20 min. Spécialiste de mission 3 (MS3)
2ème vol : STS 106 11 j. 19 h. 11 min. Spécialiste de mission 1 (MS1)
3ème vol : ISS Expédition 7 184 j. 22 h. 48 min. Ingénieur de vol
Total : 205 j. 23 h. 19 min.
Temps à bord d'ISS STS 106 5 j. 22 h. 51 min.
ISS Expédition 7 182 j. 10 h. 17 min.
Total: 188 j. 09 h. 08 min.
Sortie spatiale :
1) STS 106 10-11 sep 00 6 h 14 min. 6ême sortie du programme ISS 
Retraite : Actif.
Décès :
Remarques :
RSC Eneergia bio
(Apr 03)
Edward Tsang LU

Flight Engineer of the ISS
Flight Engineer of the Soyuz TMA Spacecraft
NASA Astronaut, USA

DATE AND PLACE OF BIRTH: Born July 1, 1963, in Springfield, Massachusetts, USA. Considers Honolulu, Hawaii and Webster, New York, to be his hometowns. 
His parents, Charlie and Snowlily Lu, reside in Fremont, California.

EDUCATION: Graduated from R.L. Thomas High School, Webster, New York, in 1980. Bachelor of science degree in electrical engineering from Cornell University, 1984. Doctorate in applied physics from Stanford University, 1989.


HONOURS: NASA Medals for Space Mission (1997, 2000)

HOBBY: Air acrobatics, playing the piano, tennis, surfing, skiing, travelling; he is a coach in wrestling.

From 1989 until 1992 he was engaged in scientific research in the field of solar physics and astrophysics at the Observatory in Boulder, Colorado, in this case in 1992 he worked concurrently at the Integrated Institute for Laboratory Astrophysics at the University of Colorado.
In 1992 - 1995 he continued his education at the Institute for Astronomy in Honolulu, Hawaii. Participated in a number of theoretical elaborations in the field of basic physics research of solar flares.
Selected by NASA as a candidate for astronauts in December 1994, arrived at the Johnson Space Center in March 1995, where he passed a one-year course of training and was qualified as a mission specialist.
He performed the first space mission on May 15-24, 1997 as a mission specialist of Atlantis (STS-84). The main mission objective was to dock and work onboard the Russian Space Station Mir. The mission duration was 9 days 5 hr 19 min 56 s.
He performed the second space mission from September 8-20, 2000 as a mission specialist of Atlantis (STS-106). The main mission objective was to deliver cargoes onboard the International Space Station and prepare it for the arrival of the first permanent crew. During the mission he performed a space walk lasting 6 hr 14 min. The mission duration was 11 days 19 hr 11 min 1 s.
Presently he is training for a space mission within ISS-7 prime crew as a flight engineer.

April 2003
By the data of Lindon B. Johnson Space Center, NASA, USA.

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