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55% of all spacecrafts launched from 1957 to 2009 are military and 45% are civilian. (See Table 4 - Civilian vs. Military Spacecrafts and the lists of all Civilian Spacecafts and of all Military Spacecrafts.)

Military spacecrafts could be classified in three broad categories:
applications (surveillance ("spy") activities)
services (communications, navigation, etc.)
technology development.
Applications represents 50% of all military spacecrafts launched, services count for a third and technology for the remaining one-sixth. (See Table 9 - Military Families Statistics.)

Civilian spacecrafts could be classified in three broad categories:
space exploration (piloted, science, planetary, astronomy, etc.)
applications (communications, meteo and Earth-remote sensing)
technology developments
Two-fifth of all civilian spacecraft pursue space exploration, nearly half are for applications and the remaning one-tenth are for technology development. (See Table 8 - Civilian Families Statistics.)
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