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277 spaceships had carried crewmembers. As of December 2009, there were 129 Space Shuttle launchs, 105 Soyuz, 16 Apollo, 10 Gemini, 6 Vostok and 6 Mercury, 3 Shenzou, and 2 Voskhod.  There were 262 civilian spaceflights and 15 military ones.

These 277 piloted spaceships carried 1,114 crewmembers; some 504 different people had ventured into space.

There are also an additional 270 spacecrafts that are part of piloted programs, such as unmmanned testflights, space stations (including modules and components), cargoships (Progress), etc.

(See lists of Piloted Spaceships and of Military Piloted Operations.)
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