Summary (as of June 2008):
75 launches towards ISS: 48 Russians, 26 Americans and 1 European
30th resupply flights, 20 assembly missions, 17 increment crews, 7th logistics flights and 4 taxi flights.
# Operation ISS # Sponsor Launch Main Objectives Launcher
1) Zarya  1A/R 1st Russian 20 Nov 98 1st (assembly) flight: launched of the ISS service module 1st Proton
2) STS-88 2A 1st American 4 Dec 98 2nd assembly flight: addition of the Unity node 1st Shuttle
3) STS-96 2A.1 2nd American 27 May 99 1st logistics flight 2nd Shuttle
4) STS-101 2A.2a 3rd American 19 May 00 2nd logistics flight 3rd Shuttle
5) Zvezda 1R 2nd Russian 12 Jul 00 3rd assembly flight: addition of the Zvezda living quarter 2nd Proton
6) Progress M1-3 1P 3rd Russian 6 Aug 00 1st resupply freighter 1st Soyuz
7) STS-106 ¨2A.2b 4th American 8 Sep 00 3rd logistics flight 4th Shuttle
8) STS-92 3A 5th American 11 Oct 00 4th assembly flight: installation of the ITS-Z1 truss 5th Shuttle
9) Soyuz TM-31 2R 4th Russian 31 Oct 00 1st increment crew (1st Soyuz spaceship) 2nd Soyuz
10) Progress M1-4 2P 5th Russian 16 Nov 00 2nd resupply freighter 3rd Soyuz
11) STS-97 4A 6th American 1st Dec 00 5th assembly flight: installation of the ITS-P6 solar array 6th Shuttle
12) STS-98 5A 7th American 7 Feb 01 6th assembly flight: addition of the U.S. Destiny laboratory 7th Shuttle
13) Progress M-44 3P 6th Russian 26 Feb 01 3rd resupply freighter 4th Soyuz
14) STS-102 5A.1 8th American 8 Mar 01 4th logistics + 2nd increment crew 8th Shuttle
15) STS-100  6A 9th American 19 Apr 01 7th assembly (and logistics) flight: installation of the Canadarm2 9th Shuttle
16) Soyuz TM-32 2S 7th Russian 28 Apr 01 1st taxi flight (2nd Soyuz spaceship). 5th Soyuz
17) Progress M1-6 4P 8th Russian 20 May 01 4th resupply freighter 6th Soyuz
18) STS-104 7A 10th American 12 Jul 01 8th assembly flight: addition of the Quest U.S. airlock 10th Shuttle
19) STS-105 7A.1 11th American 10 Aug 01 5th logistics + 3rd increment crew 11th Shuttle
20) Progress M-45 5P 9th Russian 21 Aug 01 5th resupply freighter 7th Soyuz
21) Progress M-SO1 4R 10th Russian 14 Sep 01 9th assembly flight: addion of the Pirs Russian airlock 8th Soyuz
22) Soyuz TM-33 3S 11th Russian 21 Oct 01 2nd taxi flight (3rd Soyuz spaceship) 9th Soyuz
23) Progress M1-7 6P 12th Russian 26 Nov 01 6th resupply freighter 10th Soyuz
24) STS-108 UF-1 12th American 5 Dec 01 6th logistics + 4th increment crew 12th Shuttle
25) Progress M1-8 7P 13th Russian 21 Mar 02 7th resupply freighter 11th Soyuz
26) STS-110 8A 13th American 8 Apr 02 10th assembly flight: installation of the ITS-S0 truss section 13th Shuttle
27) Soyuz TM-34 4S 14th Russian 25 Apr 02 3rd taxi flight (4th Soyuz spaceship) 12th Soyuz
28) STS-111 UF-2 14th American 5 Jun 02 7th logistics + 5th increment crew 14th Shuttle
29) Progress M-46 8P 15th Russian 26 Jun 02 8th resupply freighter 13th Soyuz
30) Progress M1-9 9P 16th Russian 25 Sep 02 9th resupply freighter 14th Soyuz
31) STS-112 9A 15th American 7 Oct 02 11th assembly flight: installation of the ITS-S1 truss section 15th Shuttle
32) Soyuz TMA-1 5S 17th Russian 30 Oct 02 4th taxi flight (5th Soyuz spaceship) 15th Soyuz
33) STS-113 11A 16th American 24 Nov 02 12th assembly flight + 6th increment crew: installation of the ITS-S1 truss section 16th Shuttle
34) Progress M-47 10P 18th Russian 2 Feb 03 10th resupply freighter 16th Soyuz
35) Soyuz TMA-2 6S 19th Russian 26 Apr 03 7th increment crew (6th Soyuz spaceship) 17th Soyuz
36) Progress M1-10 11P 20th Russian 8 Jun 03 11th resupply freighter 18th Soyuz
37) Progress M-48 12P 21st Russian 29 Aug 03 12th resupply freighter 19th Soyuz
38) Soyuz TMA-3 7S 22nd Russian 18 Oct 03 8th increment crew (7th Soyuz spaceship) 20th Soyuz
39) Progress M1-11 13P 23rd Russian 29 Jan 04 13th resupply freighter 21st Soyuz
40) Soyuz TMA-4 8S 24th Russian 19 Apr 04 9th increment crew (8th Soyuz spaceship) 22nd Soyuz
41) Progress M-49 14P 25th Russian 25 May 04 14th resupply freighter 23rd Soyuz
42) Progress M-50 15P 26th Russian 11 Aug 04 15th resupply freighter 24th Soyuz
43) Soyuz TMA-5 9S 27th Russian 14 Oct 04 10th increment crew (9th Soyuz spaceship) 25th Soyuz
44) Progress M-51 16P 28th Russian 23 Dec 04 16th resupply freighter 26th Soyuz
45) Progress M-52 17P 29th Russian 28 Feb 05 17th resupply freighter 27th Soyuz
46) Soyuz TMA-6 10S 30th Russian 15 Apr 05 11th increment crew (10th Soyuz spaceship) 28th Soyuz
47) Progress M-53 18P 31st Russian 16 Jun 05 18th resupply freighter 29th Soyuz
48) STS-114 (RTF) 17th American 26 Jul 05 Shuttle testflight + 8th logistics flight 17th Shuttle
49) Progress M-54 19P 32nd Russian 8 Sep 05 19th resupply freighter 30th Soyuz
50) Soyuz TMA-7 11A 33rd Russian 1st Oct 05 12th increment crew (11th Soyuz spaceship) 31st Soyuz
51) Progress M-55 20P 34th Russian 21 Dec 05 20th resupply freighter 32nd Soyuz
52) Soyuz TMA-8 12S 35th Russian 30 Mar 06 13th increment crew (12th Soyuz spaceship) 33rd Soyuz
53) Progress M-56 21P 36th Russian 24 Apr 06 21st resupply freighter 34th Soyuz
54) Progress M-57 22P 37th Russian 24 Jun 06 22nd resupply freighter 35th Soyuz
55) STS-121 ULF-1.1 18th American 4 Jul 06 Shuttle testflight + 9th logistics flight 18th Shuttle
56) STS-115 12A 19th American 9 Sep 06 13th assembly flight: installation of the ITS-P3/P4 truss section 19th Shuttle
57) Soyuz TMA-9 13S 38th Russian 18 Sep 06 14th increment crew (13th Soyuz spaceship) 36th Soyuz
58) Progress M-58 23P 39th Russian 23 Oct 06 23rd resupply freighter 37th Soyuz
59) STS-116 12A.1 20th American 10 Dec 06 14th assembly flight: installation of the ITS-P5 truss section 20th Shuttle
60) Progress M-59 24P 40th Russian 18 Jan 07 24th resupply freighter 38th Soyuz
61) Soyuz TMA-10 14S 41st Russian 7 Apr 07 15th increment crew (14th Soyuz spaceship) 39th Soyuz
62) Progress M-60 25P 42nd Russian 12 May 07 25th resupply freighter 40th Soyuz
63) STS-117 13A 21st American 8 Jun 07 15th assembly flight: installation of the ITS-S3/S4 truss section 21st Shuttle
64) Progress M-61 26P 43rd Russian 2 Aug 07 26th resupply freighter 41st Soyuz
65) STS-118 13A.1 22nd American 8 Aug 07 16th assembly flight: installation of the ITS-S5 truss section 22nd Shuttle
66) Soyuz TMA-11 15S 44th Russian 10 Oct 07 16th increment crew (15th Soyuz spaceship) 42nd Soyuz
67) STS-120 10A 23rd American 23 Oct 07 17th assembly flight: addition of the Harmony node 23rd Shuttle
68) Progress M-62 27P 45th Russian 24 Dec 07 27th resupply freighter 43rd Soyuz
69) Progress M-63 28P 46th Russian 5 Feb 08 28th resupply freighter 44th Soyuz
70) STS-122 1E 24th American 7 Feb 08 18th assembly flight: addition of the European Columbus laboratory 24th Shuttle
71) ATV-1 Jules Verne [2E] 1st European 9 Mar 08 29th resupply freighter 1st Ariane
72) STS-123 1J/A 25th American 11 Mar 08 19th assembly flight: addition of the Japanese logistics module (ELM-PS) and of the Canadian Dextre agile robot 25th Shuttle
73) Soyuz TMA-12 16S 47th Russian 8 Apr 08 17th increment crew (16th Soyuz spaceship) 45th Soyuz
74) Progress M-64 29P 48th Russian 14 May 08 30th resupply freighter 46th Soyuz
75) STS-124 1J 26th American 31 May 08 20th assembly flight: addition of the Japanese Kibo laboratory 26th Shuttle
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