2015 Statistics 

Source: Summary of Spacecraft Laurcned in 2015 and Spacecrat Launched in 2015.


I - Rockets and spacecraft launched

Rocket launched Spacecraft carried
Soyuz spacecraft
Angara spacecraft
Antares spacecraft
Ariane spacecraft
Atlas spacecraft
Chang Zheng spacecraft
Delta spacecraft
Dnepr spacecraft
Falcon spacecraft
H spacecraft
Kuaiahou spacecraft
Proton spacecraft
Rockot spacecraft
Shaviyt spacecraft
SLV spacecraft
strela spacecraft
Vega spacecraft
Zenit spacecraft
launches spacecraft
successful launches

II - Spacecraft by weight categories 

full-fledge spacecraft
(more than 100 kg)
small spacecraft
(between 10 and 99 kg)
(less than 10 kg)

III - Mission categories

Categories Civil Military
Amateur/Student satellites
Astronomy satellites
Biology satellites
Communications satellites (civil)
Communications satellites (military)
Earth-remote sensing satellites
Earth/Space science satellites
Electronic Intelligence satellites
Meteorology satellite (civil)
Meteorology satellite (military)
Military Science & Technology satellite
Missile Early Warning satellite
Navigation satellites (military)
Navigation satellites (civil)
Piloted programs spaceships
Planetayr probe
Ocean surveeillance satellites
Surveillance satellites
Space surveillance satellites
Technology stellites (civil)
( %)

IV - Spacecraft launched by…

  Russian rockets spacecraft  % (Soyuz, Angara, Dnepr, Proton, Rockot, Strela & Zenit)
  American rockets spacecraft  % (Antares, Atlas, Delta & Falcon)
  European rockets spacecraft  % (Ariane & Vega)
  Chinese rockets spacecraft  % (Chang Zheng)
  Japanese rockets spacecraft  % (H)
  Indian rockets spacecraft  % (SLV)
  Israelie rocket spacecraft  % (Shaviyt)
rockets spacecraft
..V - Spacecraft's sponsor
Russian spacecraft
American spacecraft
European spacecraft
Chinese spacecraft
Japanese spacecraft
Canadian spacecraft
Indian spacecraft
Israelian spacecraft
Other Governments spacecraft
Commercial spacecraft
Amateur/Student spacecraft
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